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Action Craft New Boat Models

Our Action Craft Showroom


When it comes to fishing, you are dedicated and true to the sport. We know how you feel because that same dedication has driven us for the past 40 years to design, refine and perfect the most innovative and durable fishing machines on the water.


At Action Craft, we never cut corners or settle for second best. We are continually improving our products by listening to our customers and pay close attention to every detail because we know that’s what it takes to build “The Ultimate Fishing Machine”. From research and development, to the quality of materials used, to the hand craftsmanship, everything square inch of an Action Craft is top notch and well thought out. So, when you’re ready for some serious fishing action, your Action Craft will be ready for you.


We incorporate a transitional chine at the bow waterline, allowing an increased angle for wall to roll off the hull rather than slap. This reduces the noise that spooks fish. A built-in spray rail above the waterline and our modified running strakes on the bottom of the hull decreases the wetted surface of the boat. This directs water away in a manner that produces a sheet of water rather than a spray while yielding a much dryer and more comfortable ride when running through choppy coastal waters. Quiet, so you can catch more fish. Dry, so you don’t get wet.


Action Craft’s exclusive Pocket Drive is a built-in step in the hull beneath the transom that decreases running draft by directing water up to the prop. With our taller transom and higher outboard mounting, Action Craft experience less drag by reducing the amount of motor below the bottom of the boat resulting in increased performance, economy and shallow running draft.


With a vinyl ester resin barrier coat, all hand laid, composite cored, foam injected Action Craft with uni-hull construction, you know you’re getting the best.


Among a long list of options and upgrades, Action Craft offers Carbon Fiber technology for our Flatsmaster and Flyfisher skiffs to give you unparalleled performance and versatility. Lightweight construction of our full featured skiffs offer more shallow draft, better tracking and effortless poling without sacrificing ride and handling The fact is, no other builder matches Action Craft’s history defined by over four decades of research, engineering, testing, and craftsmanship.